About the company

DRUK.engine is the culmination of our quest to create the most user-friendly and innovative platform for managing print shops and facilitating online printing orders. We offer unique solutions designed to automate and optimize print businesses, rendering the production process transparent and ensuring customer satisfaction for print shops.

Our Goals

Our primary objective is to equip your print shop with tools that will facilitate a successful business. Additionally, we aim to streamline the order creation and processing, making it intuitive for every client.

Our Approach

We believe in convenience and efficiency. Our team focuses on design and research before diving into programming. We aim to create tools that suit your needs, simplifying the ordering process and allowing you to concentrate on creativity and strategic business development. Our goal is not just to provide simplicity and efficiency but also to foster sustainable growth and development for your print shop.

Our Advantages

Expertise in the field:і: Our team possesses extensive experience in the printing industry, allowing us to comprehend all nuances and requirements. Furthermore, our significant experience in developing digital products provides quality tools to execute ideas and create an IT tool aimed at easing the workflow of printing companies.

Comprehensive approach: We offer a complete package of solutions tailored to address your printing needs, including individual settings and professional support.

Innovative solutions: Our system is developed using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring its relevance and efficiency in the modern printing business.

Speed and accuracy: Our tools automate numerous processes, speeding up workflows and ensuring precise calculations.

Flexibility: Understanding the uniqueness of each print shop, our system is designed for flexible customization, considering your needs and requirements.

Simplicity and convenience: Our software features a simple and intuitive interface, making work processes easy and convenient for you and your team.

Continuous support: Our team is always ready to assist with any questions or uncertainties, providing necessary support.

Our Team

Each member of our team has had previous exposure to the challenges of print production orders, with half even having worked directly in print shops. We have embraced this experience to bring about changes in this field. Our mission is to simplify the ordering process, relieving you of unnecessary concerns and issues.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals in business development and analytics, web development, QA, design, copywriting, and UX. Each one of us is dedicated to revolutionizing the print production market by developing tools that offer ease and efficiency in your work.

Based in Ukraine, we aim to transform the printing industry worldwide for the better, driven by ambition and a desire for change.