Marketplace DRUK is a convenient platform for printing houses and clients.
If you are a printing house, we at DRUK understand you. We understand the problems that you have to solve every day. And we offer solutions that will delight you.
Challenges all typographies face and our solutions
The difficulty of finding new customers
Many printing houses today work through word of mouth, or an offline office, limiting themselves to their own region. The pandemic has shown the need to use other means of finding new customers, given that customers are now increasingly looking for print orders online.Solution from the DRUK marketplace:personal website of the printing house, publication of printing products in the marketplace, without reference to the region. We are constantly working on promoting the market on the Internet and expanding the circle of potential printing customers.
The emergence of many questions about the layout when ordering goods
When ordering printing, the client is often faced with questions from specialists in which he has no experience, confused in terms. As a result, he tries to figure it out after studying many articles, or the print manager teaches him, which takes a lot of time, or the customer simply leaves the idea of ​​ordering with you.Solution from the DRUK marketplace:we introduce context clues for all professional terms. We also prepared all the necessary layout requirements in plain language and automated the normalization of files and the most necessary preparation of the layout for printing.
No online order tracking
Every customer wants to see what is happening with their order right now, to be sure of the timing and the result.Solution from the DRUK marketplace:we broadcast the status of the order and each item in the order in the client's personal account, so that he can easily and clearly track the estimated date of readiness of the goods and the order, the stage at which the order is.
An unexpected result
When a customer first orders goods from a printing house, it is quite difficult for him to imagine the result of his order. For this reason, the client is in a state of unpredicted outcome.Solution from the DRUK marketplace:automatic modulation of the preview of the order: the client will be able to visually assess how the products will look with his layout. We carefully control production cards, so that the result is always predictable, because we work only with printers of a high level of professionalism.
A high threshold for a printing house to enter the online market
In order for the printing house to start selling online, it is not enough to create a website. You need to have a system that will actually work and not sit somewhere on a server and get indexed by search engines.Solution from the DRUK marketplace:We have developed an integration between the site that our partners receive and the CRM (customer relationship management system) to track orders from customer creation to delivery. Also, a CMS (site content management system), where the printer's employee will be able to manage the content of the site's pages in a simple and understandable interface, without contacting programmers.
Our main difference
It is the system that solves all these problems is the DRUK marketplace. We provide a convenient and simple editor, we do SEO ourselves, participation in the marketplace gives an additional flow from the online printing market of the region.
Additional features of the marketplace
Visualization on the site
  • Together with partner printers, we prepared in advance the optimal combinations of materials, manufacturing methods and formats - we called it "types of goods".
  • We developed types of goods so that the client could choose the best option for himself one \"click\".
  • For greater clarity, the product pages contain high-quality photos of products and materials used in production, dimensions of product formats and descriptions of surface properties.
  • Order layout and check files
  • The algorithm automatically checks the layout during loading, saving the time of the pre-press specialist.
  • The client sees the error when loading the layout and a description of what needs to be corrected in plain language.
  • After loading the layout, the algorithm automatically prepares the layout for printing - this saves time for both the client and the printing house.
  • Online ordering of the layout according to the brief is a simple and necessary function: the client describes the wishes, and the printing house works on the basis specification from the client.
  • Selling your goods through a printing supermarket
  • Many printing houses specialize in one area, and therefore can easily lose a customer with an order where out of 3 products, the printing house can do one, but better than the others. By selling through the marketplace, you can automatically receive the part of the order in which you specialize, and the partner printer will do the rest: the client will not need to look for a professional executor for each of the products.
  • The client can choose the production method: faster, standard, cheaper, where exactly your product can be the most profitable compared to partners.
  • Ability to see order fulfillment and delivery
  • Customers, using a personal account, can monitor the status of the order without waiting for a response from the manager of the printing house.
  • Customers have a personal account with tracking of production and delivery processes.
  • Works for customers 24/7 support service.
  • Calculation of order price per millisecond is something that even the most demanding customers will appreciate.
  • Saving the manager's working hours during order processing
  • The client himself can pay for the appointment, changing the circulation and type of goods (with already prepared parameters), saving the hour of the manager of the other. So, for a real hour on the site, you can turn that option to another, which converges from your budget with which you don’t need a manager’s consultation. file to friend.
  • A visually pleasing catalog of all your products
  • The stylish design of the pages helps to create a comfortable atmosphere where the client is visually pleased to be.
  • When developing the service, we are guided by the basic principles of ease of use, so it is easy for the client to find and choose the desired product.
  • li>It will be easier for your manager to sell, and the client will place an order on a professionally designed website.
  • ma_about
    Why us?
    We are not a printing house. Not printing.We are an IT company with a deep understanding of the printing market, which has opened its 10-year experience for the global printing market.Our key feature is the speed. We do quickly what people need - we calculate the cost of manufacturing goods of any complexity and with any circulation.The biggest resource leak when placing an order is the calculation of the cost of goods and their options. The duration of the calculation of the order - an average of 10 minutes. And this despite the fact that only 28% of the calculations become an order.Our algorithm calculates 3 calculations per second at once (faster, standard, cheaper) with any circulation.
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    \"I created what my printing house once needed\"
    My name is Denis Boyarkin and I have been involved in the printing industry for over 10 years, during which I realized that a lot in this area is very lamp-like, if you want analog - on the knee. And I decided to change it.This is how DRUK appeared - a project that combines convenience for printing houses and the convenience of ordering printed products for their customers. It is being developed by my team, which is burning with the idea to change the world of printing.We are a team of Ukrainian developers who have been together for more than 2 years and we are clearly moving towards the goal of simplifying and automating the most labor-intensive processes for printers and solving the pressing problems of printing house customers , clearly understanding their pains and difficulties.Our solution is the marketplace, where clients and printing houses meet.Our goal is to solve the difficulties, with faced by printers in production, so we are open to the wishes of connected printers, we create and improve our product together with our customers. This is how we develop additional modules, based on the specifics of production and the specialization of our customers.I dreamed of a system that would take into account everything that I, as the owner of a printing house, would take into account. If I work comfortably and quickly, then it is convenient for the client.And for more than 10 years I have been honing the processes and the very idea that you see now.
    Denis Boyarkin, founder of the DRUK Engine project
    Win-Win solution for everyone
    DRUK is:
    polygraphy supermarket without geo restrictions;
    transparent pricing through automatic price calculation;
    automated preparation of the layout for the selected product;
    simplified registration and tracking of the order;
    clear and understandable product descriptions;
    availability both online and offline (web + social networks), incl. for people with disabilities.
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